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    [b]Liberty City Killers[/b]
    One of the oldest existing international clans, found by Stoku and Zentrix in 2006 in GTA3:MTA.
    In our history we were playing MTA:VC, Liberty Unleashed and some Counter Strike 1.6.

    Earlier our goal was to be the strongest clan in deathmatching. We did it!
    Now, after many years, we are like a [u]family[/u] and not looking much at shooting skills, but at [u]loyality[/u] and activity on our [url=https://discord.gg/8gDxEvj]Discord[/url]. Our members are mostly oldschool players from MTA 0.5 era. Also we’ve experienced some real life meetings and every member if needs help will get it.

    And after a long break, we’re back again. Not as a single player, but with a nice team. Of course, now we’re older and our time for playing is very limited, but you can find us in VC-MP on LCS-DM or Basemode server, LW (Zentrix) or Cops&Robbers (Iceman as DT gang).

    [b]Our active team:[/b]
    Iceman [PL]
    JarzabPL [PL]
    Mates [PL]
    Pietro aka Ernesto [HUN]
    rww [PL]
    Satro [PL]
    SirSer [PL]
    Stoku [PL]
    Stolidjarl44 [PL]
    Vandi [PL]
    Waluta [PL]
    Xenon [PL]
    Zentrix [PL]

    Best regards, Liberty City Killers.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by Stoku.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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