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Server 0.5z

This is a very short Readme for ggm Version 0.5y

Some people are still visiting the ggm Website.
Therefore many thanks to "The Guardians of Eternity" and the big GTA community.

This Version is buggy. It is realy buggy and you will not have much fun but some want to play version 0.5
I have been able to fix the 0x555463 crash. The reason was incorrect rotation data which was written into the car-block after car restart.
I have fixed the GTA-directory validation. No .reg file necessary anymore.
I have removed the SCM parked-car-generator because it has generated crashes.
The crane is now working.(try to park car and enter again as passenger 🙂
I have fixed the main server crash which has happened when old client versions tried to connect. The incorrect printf output has crashed the server.

It has no real feature but a lot of not finished things.
1. Part of the shooting works
2. Passengers work
3. jumping off the car works(like in VC)
4. Tons of debug messages
5. left-in debug things (car colors changing, weather changes in Char menu)
1. Name tag
2. useful chat system
3. score system
4. Simply a goal
5. Actor behaviour when car disapears
6. Actor-marker when actor leaves car
7. messages and instructions
8. Ammunation and gun pickups (use "gunsgunsguns")
9. time to resolve the crash reasons
10. first person shooting
11. passengers in boats
12. sync of damage of empty cars

The Release Version of ggmclient.exe crashes when a game is started therefore this EXE is a Debug version and the attached DLLs must be in the same directory in which the EXE is located.
If you want you can use the exception handler 2.0 or 1.1 from eAi. Copy one of the .asi files and scm_gta3.ini where gta3.exe is located.

The Server now requires the .ggm files which hold information about the vehicles. It is quite easy but you need to enter the z-value as well. -100 does not work like in SCM because the car will be created under the surface.
Don't worry about all the messages but I need them for debugging.

It is many things are still not working.
Even the text on the buttons are sometimes not correct.

If there is more than one player connected to the server the game will crash.
Don't expect much fun from this version but I did not get any step further the last 2 month but YOU ALL are still waiting the last 18 month for any progress.

Best Regards

Germany 04/23/2005
update 05/26/2005

If you want to help CODING (not testing) and you have C++ knowledge or SCM knowledge just give me a ping on ICQ 154906524 and wait for my response because I am not that often online.

Greetings and thanks to everyone who has made ggm possible especially [GoE]Barna and Guardians of Eternity.
Just spend a look at their German pages:
Thanks to
Kryptos...who has disappered
NoReason....for his great support

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