Player commands

The player commands can be used with ’!’ or with '/’ before their name. The case of the command name doesn’t matter, so you can write it in lowercase, uppercase or even mixed.

The difference between them is printing for others, so if you want to show your commands to others, simply use them with ’!’ and if you wanna hide – '/’.

Available commands:

  • car <optional: player> – prints vehicle health
  • hp <optional: player> – prints player health
  • loc <optional: player> – prints players district name
  • stats <optional: player> – shows player statistics
  • gps <id/off> – sets a GPS blip on the radar
  • gpslist – shows available GPS locations
  • achievements – prints current achievements (the list you can find here)
  • money – shows your cash and bank money
  • deposit <amnout> – deposit your money to the bank
  • withdraw <amnout> – withdraw money from the bank
  • banktransfer <player> <amnout> – transfer your bank money to the selected player
  • givecash <player> <amnout> – give some cash to the player (Note: the player must be close to you)