Cars now got OIL! Gangs has a war!

Today we want to introduce you… an OIL system! You are able to lock your car, start and stop engine and play with lights with these three keys: O, I and L

Gangs has a war!

You can declare a war with other gangs by entering a green phone icon and selecting ’Team Deathmatch’. The winner team gets a reward of Score x1000$, 2nd place gets x500$, 3rd place is x250$ and 4th gets nothing.

Chilling Zone is more restricted.

People want’s more peace in the zone:

'We want more peace in the Cilling Zone, the vehicles are destroying it!’

So, from this day, you are not able to drive into the Chilling Zone with vehicle.

Statistics update:

Businesses sold: 12 (+4)
Registered players: 60 (+10)
Joins: 713 (+200)
Kills: 685 (+83)
Deaths: 912 (+310)
Manhunts: 67 (+10)
VanHeist: 182 (+70)
Speed: 171 (+33)
Grand Theft Auto: 31 (+3)
Cash: 333.096$ (+165.242$)
Bank: 2.088.784$ (+1.544.165$)
Sold vehicles: 1

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