Earning money

You can earn money with many different ways, not just killing players, but doing missions, dealing (TBA), from businesses or even stunting. Below is the primary price-list, which not includes Happy Hours bonus.

  • Kill: +1000$
  • Manhunt bonus: +150$ * WANTED LEVEL
  • Speed mission: +3000$ (also for passengers)
  • Van Heist: +5000$ for cops/+6250$ for others
  • Grand Theft Auto: +2898$ + WEAPON
  • Stunt: +50-1000$


  • Completing 100 missions: +100.000$
  • Completing 250 missions: +250.000$
  • Reaching 100 kills: +5000$
  • Reaching 250 kills: +100.000$
  • Reaching 500 kills: +200.000$

Happy hours

Happy hours is time, when all earnings are multiplied. It means, if the normal kill price is 1000$, on Happy Hours with x1.3 bonus you’ll earn 1300$. Completing Van Heist mission as Cops is even better, because the earning will be 5000*1.3=6500$! You can check the current Happy Hours in the server rules (in browser) or by visiting this page.

Spending money

You can spend your money on vehicles, weapons or businesses.

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