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New server IP:Port

We had some problems with our host machine. Thank’s to LU-DM team, we’ve got a help in this situation. The IP and Port has changed, and now it’s:

This is official information and dont worry about clones or something like this! The server won’t die, cheers!

Registration reward is here!

The special offer for businesses was ended, but all is not lost – you still have a chance of getting another money reward. We are giving +150.000$ for first 25 registered users on this website and +100.000$ for the next 75 players! How to get this bonus?

  1. Sign up here, if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Wait for activation e-mail and activate your account.
  3. The instructions of getting money reward on the server you will receive in another e-mail in 48h (mostly in 24h).

and that’s it, you’ve received a bonus in cash!

New website hosting and domain!

We have a new, fast and reliable webhosting without ads and a domain –! It look’s sweet, isn’t it?

Also there have been done many tweaks on the site, like adding bbcode support and signatures on the forums.

Registration Reward

Today we’ve started a registration reward! First 100 registered users on this website will receive a money bonus on the server! The bonus will be sent via e-mail.

  • First 25 registered users will receive 150.000$.
  • Next 75 registered users will get 100.000$.

Weekly update

And the last information is about weekly update on the server, which brings some patches and creates a good base for future updates. Not many visible changes were made, but they are important for the upcoming ones, so keep playing and wait for them!

Investors has set up a new job!

The investors are happy, because there were some partners interested of buying shares, so they’ve decided to invest some more money in another business – 8 Ball. From this time, owners of this business will get money from destroying cars and explosions.

An another thing is that the gangs decided to make a peace in one place in Liberty City – the hills at Cedar Grove. They’ve called it ‘Chilling Zone‘ and added that place to the ‘!GPS 1‘.

New Happy Hours!

And the last information is about Happy Hours which have changed! From now they’re looks like below:

18:00-19:00 x1.2
19:00-21:00 x1.3
21:00-22:00 x1.1

The special offer (50% off) for businesses is over. Keep an eye for upcoming offers!

Businesses and 50% off!

Today in Liberty City we had a visit of some rich investors, who decided to invest in our Hospital and LCPD, but they are looking for partners. So if you want to earn big money and become a king of Liberty City, visit the Hospital and LCPD to get more informations.

Also there’s an limited offer – 50% off for every business, so better get them fast!

Welcome to GTA3:Online!

The Liberty City Killers server brings a new quality into Liberty Unleashed gaming scene. More informations about this project are available in the ‘About‘ tab.

Also it’s recommended to check out the ‘Help‘ menu, where you can learn much about spwnscreen, commands, earnings, bonuses, tips and tricks and many more! This section is still under construction, but it contains most important informations.

There is available forum too! You can discuss there about updates, report bugs and send ideas or feature requests. Growing community will make this project better and better!

In this news section will be posted informations about new bonuses, promotions and community life. It’s time for you…

It’s time for GTA3:Online!

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