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Some new archives…

We are bringing some new archives back! (2008-) (2006-2008)

LCK Archives…

We proudly present a running Liberty City Killers archives! Our clanwars, clan members and beginings in 2006-2008 era. The website is for historical purposes only.

Visit Liberty City Killers archives (2006-2008)

The website is back!

Dear visitors,
Sadly, we’ve encountered an issues with our website, which was offline for a while, but now it’s back online!

What about servers?
They are still offline. It’s caused by lack of time for managing them. I hope the things will get better.

Feel free to join our Liberty City Killers discord for more informations!

We are Liberty City Killers!

[VC-MP] Basemode 1.0 Beta-3 update!

I can proudly announce a new A/D Basemode server for Vice City: Multiplayer update!

Server address:

Whats new?

  • 4 new bases
  • some code merges from LUBM version (like base repeating)
  • current map/base name and id near the basemode logo
  • a Battle log!


Recent updates

  • added round time to the battle log
  • added date/time in top-right corner
  • added help on F1 key

Server maintenance

The server is currently on maintenance mode. New things are going to happen in late autmn/early winter, so keep waiting!

Cars now got OIL! Gangs has a war!

Today we want to introduce you… an OIL system! You are able to lock your car, start and stop engine and play with lights with these three keys: O, I and L

Gangs has a war!

You can declare a war with other gangs by entering a green phone icon and selecting ‘Team Deathmatch’. The winner team gets a reward of Score x1000$, 2nd place gets x500$, 3rd place is x250$ and 4th gets nothing.

Chilling Zone is more restricted.

People want’s more peace in the zone:

‘We want more peace in the Cilling Zone, the vehicles are destroying it!’

So, from this day, you are not able to drive into the Chilling Zone with vehicle.

Statistics update:

Businesses sold: 12 (+4)
Registered players: 60 (+10)
Joins: 713 (+200)
Kills: 685 (+83)
Deaths: 912 (+310)
Manhunts: 67 (+10)
VanHeist: 182 (+70)
Speed: 171 (+33)
Grand Theft Auto: 31 (+3)
Cash: 333.096$ (+165.242$)
Bank: 2.088.784$ (+1.544.165$)
Sold vehicles: 1

‘Pogo the Monkey Fanclub’ opens near the Green Phone. 50% off re-launch!

The new business is open! ‘Pogo the Monkey Fanclub’ is an entertainment business and it will earn money for making missions at the Green Phone which they just bought. The cost of this business is 200.000$ by default, but the Liberty City Government has decided to re-launch the special offer of 50% off for the limited time, so hurry up!

DolceVita and Capital Auto$ – a non government, official businesses!

If you are looking for the loan or want to rent (and even sell) a car, you should check this! The two official, private businesses has came out.

New server IP:Port

We had some problems with our host machine. Thank’s to LU-DM team, we’ve got a help in this situation. The IP and Port has changed, and now it’s:

This is official information and dont worry about clones or something like this! The server won’t die, cheers!

Registration reward is here!

The special offer for businesses was ended, but all is not lost – you still have a chance of getting another money reward. We are giving +150.000$ for first 25 registered users on this website and +100.000$ for the next 75 players! How to get this bonus?

  1. Sign up here, if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Wait for activation e-mail and activate your account.
  3. The instructions of getting money reward on the server you will receive in another e-mail in 48h (mostly in 24h).

and that’s it, you’ve received a bonus in cash!

New website hosting and domain!

We have a new, fast and reliable webhosting without ads and a domain –! It look’s sweet, isn’t it?

Also there have been done many tweaks on the site, like adding bbcode support and signatures on the forums.

Registration Reward

Today we’ve started a registration reward! First 100 registered users on this website will receive a money bonus on the server! The bonus will be sent via e-mail.

  • First 25 registered users will receive 150.000$.
  • Next 75 registered users will get 100.000$.

Weekly update

And the last information is about weekly update on the server, which brings some patches and creates a good base for future updates. Not many visible changes were made, but they are important for the upcoming ones, so keep playing and wait for them!

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